Too Cool For School (Part 2)

After soooo many coats of polyurethane, the tops of the desks were ready to be attached to the bases. The original desk tops were a bit thicker than the birch wood I used for the new tops. I figured since the thickness wasn’t too different, we could use the same length of screw (1/2″). After double checking, it seemed like the half inch screw might pop right through the top and ruin the whole thing. So off to Lowe’s we went.

Since the holes in the desk base were kind of big, we thought we would need a #8 3/8″ screw. It turns out this is really difficult to find because whoever is making the screws decided that if you want the #8 thickness, you probably want a long screw right? No, screw company, I have needs and they are tiny thick screws for desk renovation projects! Finally, hidden behind some stuff in the wrong place, we found them.

After flipping the desk upside down and tracing the holes onto the wood and then measuring obsessively until it was even, they were ready for assembly. We started by making a little indention for the screw to sit in. On a couple of them we drilled small pilot holes, but this wasn’t necessary for all of them. Then we screwed everything in by hand.

Once everything was attached, we had to adjust the leg height. My futon has a seat height of 15 5/8″ which is a little low, so we dropped the legs on the desks as low as they would go. After busting out the level and making sure each leg was the proper length, these end tables are ready for action!


Perfect for storing my growing collection of coloring books and pencils!


Don’t be afraid to get wood with knots! It adds depth and character and looks great after layering on the polyurethane.



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