Spice Persian Cuisine

Individual project
11 weeks
September – December 2015
Junior level
Restaurant design project

Saffron: Persian cuisine is full of colorful spices and flavors. One of the most common is saffron, which is rich in reds and golds, as well as having light purple petals. The curving shapes of the saffron stigmas were the inspiration for this design.

The restaurant features traditional Persian seating so guests can have an authentic dining experience, as well as dining tables to accommodate others. After conducting research on Persian culture and interviewing native Iranians, the information gathered showed that dining in a restaurant is a special event usually attended by the whole family. Spice is upscale and is located in the city with the highest population of Iranian born immigrants: Great Neck, NY. It is the perfect location to introduce Americans to an aspect of Persian culture they might not be familiar with.

Rendering 1
(Ottoman bed and table dining areas)

Persian Restaurant Perspective 2
(Curved booths in dining area 1)

(Logo design for Spice Persian Cuisine)


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