Cincinnati’s Art Deco

If you’re like me, you’re obsessing over the architecture wherever you go. In Cincinnati, there’s a lot of old buildings with tons of character, new buildings with sleek lines, and AMAZING examples of Art Deco style. I remember going to Union Terminal as a kid, but I didn’t have the appreciation for design that I have now. Getting to go back there was great.


Unfortunately there was a lot of renovation work being done both inside and outside, so we didn’t get to go past the ticket counter.


I absolutely LOVE the windows on the front of the building.


The ceiling is so colorful and fun. We didn’t get to do it this ┬átime, but if you and a friend stand on opposite sides of the arch and whisper into the corner, you can hear each other even when there’s a crowd.


There are also amazing murals depicting Cincinnati’s industrial history and accomplishments.


It’s clearly being worked on, but it was so pretty.


Next we went downtown to Carew Tower which just…



Right away there was this historic mail chute with AMAZING engravings. Art Deco is probably one of my favorite styles because the details extend to every single feature, from the door handles to the flooring to the moldings and trim around walls and columns. This mail chute was no exception.


And then, like 3 feet away, there were the elevators. I just obsessively photographed them while we waited for them to take us up. The pattern was beautiful.


The restaurant upstairs is stunning. Every single surface bares the same level of detail, even if it’s not visible from below. It’s all there. The fountain and baby grand piano at the far end made a really nice focal point from the balcony above.


The Hall of Mirrors was equally beautiful but in a very different way. The golden mirrors along the walls make it feel so warm. The ceiling and the railings all have impressive amounts of detail. The light fixtures are my favorite thing though.


I am so glad we got to visit these two beautiful buildings and I am VERY thankful to the Carew Tower employees who were totally OK with us wandering around and taking pictures of everything.