Lookin’ For a Breath of Life


Succulents are quite possibly my favorite plants, not just because they’re super cute, but because they also are extremely easy to care for and grow. The leaves above were taken from one plant that I propagated the first week of June. I plucked the leaves off carefully and let them dry. It’s important not to water them until you notice roots or plants sprouting from the mother leaf or they will begin to rot. From the once large plant, I created several babies. Almost every leaf I pulled off has sprouted a new plant.

20170717_141746The sprouts took a few weeks to appear, but now that they’ve started to grow, there’s no slowing them down! I’ve started planting them in tea cups as cute gifts for friends. They also make perfect decorations for window sills and shelves that need a little life.

Succulents are very low maintenance and easy to care for. All you have to do is mist them about once a week or whenever you notice the soil is very dry. If they get too big for their container, you can propagate them like I’ve done here.

I’m still waiting for the mother leaves to wither and detach from the new plants. When that happens, the new plant will be able to sustain itself with it’s own roots. Some of them are already starting to grow thin little roots and those are the ones I’ve placed in soil. They’ll begin to grow quickly.

You’re probably thinking: “Hailey, what does this have to do with design?” As I learned while researching for my Hotel 92 project, quite a bit, actually. Houseplants in general have many benefits, but succulents are different. Most plants photosynthesize during the day and take in carbon dioxide while outputting oxygen. But at night, they breathe just like humans meaning they suck up oxygen and put out carbon dioxide. Succulents, however, only release oxygen. This makes them great for keeping around the house, especially in your bedroom or even on your desk at work.


Another reason succulents have so much appeal is because they are a great example of fractal patterns found in nature. These patterns can make you want to connect with your environment and can lower stress. Even just looking at natural elements can cause your heart rate and blood pressure to drop, relaxing you and making you more focused. So of course designers are going to look at the benefits of succulents! Our goal, as designers, is to make people feel comfortable in their environment and succulents reduce stress, clean the air, boost productivity, and help you breathe a little easier, all of which make you feel better in your space. As a bonus, they’re also very stylish, come in a multitude of colors and shapes to fit with any look, and they can be planted in a wide variety of ways, from tea cups to living walls. Add a little breath of life to your space; get a succulent!