The Odyssey Lives On!

Betty comes to the review

Over the summer, I worked for Panolam Surface Systems and traveled the country updating sample libraries in hundreds of firms. During the first week of work, I was in Charlotte working with the local spec reps there. And now I’m working with them again!

For my senior project, I am designing a boutique hotel in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood which boasts a thriving art and theater scene as well as famous bakeries and trendy shops. The hotel, which features a strong emphasis on biophilia, will incorporate plants, water features, lots of natural light, and fractal patterns which mimic nature. It will follow Well standards to make guests feel healthy and relaxed.

In order to study hotels and get some fresh perspective from people who stay in hotels all the time, I am working with Betty to design my building. We have visited the Marriott prototype hotel in Charlotte, NC and will be visiting an Extended Stay prototype later this week. She has come to Boone just to help me with the project and together we have come up with some new space planning ideas and ways to make the hotel even more comfortable for guests!

I am excited to unveil the final presentation on May 6th at Senior Portfolio Review. This wouldn’t be possible without the support from my connections at Panolam. So thanks, IIDA. Because of you the Modern Odyssey lives on!